Mass Hysteria

It happened. 

Trump trumped Hilly. Most of our Yankee friends and family voted for him. I was so shocked because we only hear what the press want us to hear and he sounded like a complete doosh. Then we look at Hilary’s background and TBH she’s no better (did you know Claire Underwood’s character in House of Cards is based on her)?

Rather than mass hysteria which seems to happen every time something unique occurs, how about thoughtful contemplation. Maybe, just maybe Trump will make great decisions and be an awesome president. Only time will tell. 

People say they don’t understand Laws of Attraction. Just look at all those people constantly talking about Trump, saying how much they hated him, obsessing on him constantly. They weren’t thinking about what they wanted, they were just focusing on what they didn’t want!!!  And they attracted him right to their front door. Moral of the story. Concentrate on what you want, not on what you don’t and that’s what you’ll get.  The election was always going to be one or the other right?  

Something good that happened today? Our youngest is the most loving dude ever. I just love how he doesn’t mind having a cuddle, a hug or a kiss. Thank god for us all being so demonstrative in our family. Lots of love makes for happy families and people. 

I made a wicked Ministroni soup tonight too… everything natural and gorgeous and it took minutes. I love cooking!!! The boys have dinner for tomorrow whilst I’m in London!!  Feeling grateful and blessed. 


Poached Politics

Scran & Scallie. If you haven’t eaten there. Do.

In Scotland right now and staying at Norton House Hotel and Spa. It’s the second day I’ve asked for a soft poached egg. I like the white to be hard, the yolk to be runny. It’s the second day they’ve been hard. I’m not one of those that won’t complain. But is just an egg FFS and the people here are lovely and I don’t want to be a bitch. Maybe next time I’ll say something.

I mean in the scheme of things, it’s the US election tomorrow and we’re going to see either Donald or Hilary in power. ┬áSo a hard poached egg is really neither here nor there right? ┬áScary Times!